26 DIY perfumes

26 DIY Perfume Formulas is a kind of ‘cookery book’ for perfumes: simple yet sophisticated with fully tested formulas.

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26 DIY Perfumes

None of the twenty-six formulas in 26 DIY Perfume Formulas contains more than 10 fragrance compounds. Less than thirty different fragrance compounds were used in total to compose all twenty-six formulas in this book. We have kept things simple; no need to invest in materials you can use only once. For this reason, 26 DIY Perfume Formulas caters to starting perfumers. For more advanced perfumers the book can serve as a source of inspiration, where the simple formulas can be used as a groundwork for more complicated fragrances. In addition, more advanced perfumers will come to appreciate the guidelines that come with each formula; why we have used certain compounds and to what effect.

But we also added a little something for fragrance lovers who are looking for some background information: the book is rich in illustrations with a decorated letter for each formula. No need to make these perfumes, a perfumista can simply read and wonder.


26 DIY Perfume Formulas is unique. Though several books about perfume making have been published, this book does not compare, as this book contains simple formulas in which professional fragrance compounds are used. It is not about mixing essential oils, nor fragrance oils for that matter. 26 DIY Perfume Formulas mimics those books that are written for professional perfumers. The only difference is that we have kept the formulations simple.

About the authors

Jan Meutgeert and Alma Lanjouw are advanced perfume makers and both teach the art of making of fragrances. Jan is co-owner of De Hekserij and an expert in the field of fragrance compounds and their use. Alma, an experienced teacher, made sure the contents of the book were accessible and understandable to everyone. For 26 DIY Perfume Formulas Jan and Alma composed many, many perfumes. Almost every formula in the book has been reformulated and tweaked till it was absolutely perfect.

Book data

26 DIY Perfume Formulas
Translated from the original Dutch version (26 Parfums om zelf te maken)
Text: Jan Meutgeert en Alma Lanjouw
Design and translation: Necodeco
Publisher: De Hekserij
ISBN: 978 90 828722 1 7