Polycaprolactone (PCL) SALE

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Polycaprolactone, abbreviated PCL, is a thermoplastic with the special property that it already vitrifies and softens at a temperature of 60-80 °C.

This product is discontinued: SALE as long as stock is left.

For educational use, it can be used as a slightly different way of demonstrating the difference between thermoplastics and thermosets. By putting a few grains in hot water, the vitrification is made visible, the grains change colour: white becomes crystal clear. The clear granules can then be molded into any desired shape, it becomes malleable like clay and can be made into a button, bead or other small plastic object, for example. After cooling to room temperature, the plastic is hard again and remains so until it is heated again.

In addition to this use, it can be used to make small plastic parts for prototypes, model building and similar applications.

We supply polycaprolactone in the form of a granulate, 1 gram consists of approximately 25 granules.


50 g, 250 g