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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Babassu oil is an oil (at room temperature in a solid form) that resembles coconut oil. The oil is made from the seeds of the babassu palm grown in and around the Amazon region occurs and is cultivated.

This product will be discontinued: Sale until completely sold.
Expiration date for this last batch is 11/2022.

The oil melts approximately at body temperature or a little earlier, in the summer you may receive the oil in (partly) liquid form. Mainly used in body butters, lip balm and other relatively oily products. Furthermore, in products such as day and night cream for the care of dry skin. According to some, the oil is also good in the treatment of acne. The oil provides a hard, good cleaning, good foaming soap when saponified. Our babassu oil is extracted by cold pressing, followed by refining. There is no solvent residue in the oil. The oil is a non-drying oil with a mainly saturated character, the iodine value is low, about 15. The common botanical name is Attalea speciosa Mart. - but here too there is confusion. For the INCI name we use the name Orbignya oleifera Burret, which is again a synonym of Attalea vitrivir Zona. Same genus (Attalea), but a different species. De Hekserij does not sell products intended for use in foodstuffs or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception. The INCI name is Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil.


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